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Microsoft Outlook is great software to manage your e-mail and communicate with your peers. It’s good for daily mail reading, discuss things with colleagues and customers, plan your daily tasks, etc.

But sometime you had to move your emails somewhere else, say to your custom planning software that is used in your company or into some custom CRM that your company use to manage customers. This is not obvious task to do, as Outlook has no built-in functionality to export mails to third-party applications. Even if you can do this manually somehow, when it comes to regular scheduled mail export to other application, you can't do this from Outlook.

(Sure, you can export your mails in text format and then import them into your application. But your application has to have mail import ability. And doing this procedure few times a day with each single e-mail is quite difficult.)

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

So we decided to treat this problem as opportunity and created Outlook Sync - simple Outlook synchronization application that allows you synchronize your Outlook emails with external applications.

With Outlook Sync you can easily flush your emails to special web-service. This web-service will process received emails and then place them into chosen system like CRM, CMS, or any other custom application that you want.

This can be done either manually with selected mails, or automatically with all mails that you have in mailbox.