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Outlook synchronization to Samsung Smartphones

Outlook synchronization to Samsung Smartphone Most people use Samsung smartphones every day not only for calling and messaging, but also for e-mailing, managing tasks, contacts, etc. While these tasks can be completed very easily with Microsoft Outlook, they can be much complicated to do with Samsung smartphone. And what's most important - accessing your account in a same time with MS Outlook and from your Samsung smartphone can lead to duplicated items, lost mails, missed tasks.

What this means to you? You have to synchronize your current Outlook with your smartphone - synchronize contacts, sync tasks, sync mails.

Price of information can be much higher than price of gold. And for you some information can be just priceless. So ability to have access to your information both from smartphone and Outlook is very important. And it have to be the same information that you access.

With this Sync Application you can easily synchronize all kind of information from Outlook with your Samsung smartphone, doesn't matter whether it Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note II. Of course this works both ways - you can bring emails, tasks and contacts from your smartphone to your Microsoft Outlook.

You can select to synchronize information manually or with schedule - hourly, daily, weekly or monthly (you may need this when you are away from your PC for few weeks).

Currently Outlook Samsung Smartphone Sync Plugin is under heavy development. Feel free to contact us if you want more information or want to be notified about upcoming release or if you want to be sure that your Samsung phone will be supported.