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Google Calendar to Outlook Synchronization

Google Calendar Sync Google Calendar (on left picture) is a great tool that allow you to have you day planned. You can use it for your business needs, or for your family activities planning, or for both. It offers various reminders and collaboration abilities, but all this require access to calendar with your browser.

Outlook Calendar Sync Microsoft Outlook (on right picture) offer Calendar tool too, where you can schedule your appointments, meetings, and set reminders. This means that you can have the same functionality as with Google Calendar. Why not use both?

So how to sync Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar?

No matter why you have used both versions or why are you planning to do this. Most important question is how to synchronize items between Outlook and Google?

Google Calendar Outlook Syncronization is the answer!

With this powerful application you can synchronize your Calendar data between Outlook and Google. More to say, you can push your data from Outlook to Google and back - this is useful when you have some tasks planned and meetings scheduled while being offline.

You can do either manually or automatically based on scheduled time interval. Also you can configure the direction of synchronization - sync from Outlook to Google, sync from Google to Outlook, or sync in Both ways.

Currently Google Calendar Outlook Sync is under heavy development. Please contact us if you are interested in this solution or want to be notified about release.