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Google synchronization to Outlook

Google offers Google Apps for business users, that include Mail, Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts - exactly the same set that you have got in your Microsoft Outlook. Main problem with Google Apps is that you must use browser (Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer) to access these Apps online. How can you combine beautiful Outlook interface with Google Apps functionality, so you can work with your Mail and Calendar offline?

Google Apps Outlook Sync is the solution!

With this powerful tool you can easily synchronize your Google Apps data with Microsoft Outlook. More to say, you can push your data from Outlook to Google Apps - useful when you have write mails or edit your contacts while being offline.

You can do either manual or automatic sync with configured time interval. Also direction of synchronization can be set up - sync from Outlook to Google, sync from Google to Outlook, or sync Both ways.

Currently Google Apps Outlook Sync is under heavy development. Please contact us if you interested in this solution or want to be notified about release.