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Outlook Sync Plugin

that can be installed to user computer and enable functionality to push any emails from Outlook to your server. You can use it with our public test service or install and confugure your own server to work with plugin.

Outlook Sync Web Service

that accept push commands from Outlook Sync Plugin and implements all business logic with the data on server side.
You can install and configure our test web-service that will receive your emails from MS Outlook and store them into your selected location.
Or you can implement your own web-service according our documentation.
Web-service can be implemented in any programming language like PHP, .NET, Java, Python, or other.
We provide documentation/WSDL and demo web-service in .NET.







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Download Outlook Sync

Download Outlook Sync WebService (open-source, server)

You can get Outlook Sync Webservice source code from GitHub open source code repository listed below.

Download from GitHub

Download Outlook Sync from GitHub
Read Outlook Sync Manual

Outlook Sync Documentation

Read Outlook Sync plugin and web-service documentation and installation manual.